From the Principal's Desk:


Welcome to the Website of KV NAD Sunabeda was established in the year of 1989, to cater to the educational needs of defense personnel and civilians with dedication and accountability.

I joined this Vidyalaya on 16 August 2017 with dream to achieve excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning associated with mankind under the erudite and progressive guidance of KVS authorities and inviting the indomitable leadership, Cooperation and direction of the benevolent worthy chairman VMC. I intend to groom students in the way to cater the rapidly changing scenario of the society.

Education, in View of Gandhi; “begins with the birth of a man and ends with the death of man” in fact it is a life long process which aims at the transformation of an individual in natural tracts, It is therefore imperative that education should be given the foremost attention and we, all should confess to burn mid night oil to come up to expectation of modern day India to compete the best in the world.

I would like to invite the attention of the parents and teachers to the fact, the need of the hour is to change our old mindset in order to make society more vibrant and dynamic Also I am confident that I will be able to infuse new vigor, zeal and zest among the students and teachers to enhance their abilities intelligence, gifted talent, approaches to subject matter, efficiency and proficiency so that KV NAD Sunabeda can achieve new heights,

(Shri  Ananta Narayan Meher)