Infrastructural Facilities


I. No. Of class Rooms : 12

II. Science Labs : 3

III. Maths Lab : 1

IV. Other Rooms :

a. Computer Lab - 1

b. Sports Room - 1

c. Library - 1

d. Music - 1

e. SUPW - 1

f. Workshop Room - 1

g. Activity Room - 1

h. Staff - 1

i. Examination Dept - 1

j. Scout & Guide Room - 1

k. So. Science Room - 1

l. Office - 1

m. Principal Chamber - 1

n. Medical room - 1

COMPUTER LAB : A well built computer lab with vinyl flooring and good furniture is provided . There are 16 computers – 10 are in working condition and 3 printers.

SCIENCE LAB : Well built Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) are equipped adequately to meet the requirements of students. The Science Labs are always busy and active places . The labs are well decorated with beautiful projects prepared by students. The students are performing their Science activities in the block periods allotted to them.

LIBRARY : Around 4500 books are made available to the students and staff in English, Hindi and Sanskrit in form of reference books, dictionaries, story books, books on personality management, yoga etc. to enable them to explore the world of knowledge and information. We subscribe for 3 dailies and 20 periodicals. We provide for class libraries in primary classes.

MATHEMATICAL LAB : A very good and functional Mathematical lab is created in the school with projects made in wood and thermacole by students.

SCOUTS & GUIDES : 80 children are enrolled as Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls.

Training in Scouting is imparted by Shri M.R. Pattnaik TGT ART. Guiding activites are taken care of by Smt. M. Saroja PRT is trained as Flock Leader for Bulbuls.

CHILDRENS’ PARK : Park equipment’s have been provided for primary children